ClubPulse™ Dashboard

A new way to turn your club data into sales generating actions!


  • Contains all your club data
  • More than 300 best practice reports and charts 
  • Users slice and dice data through self-service
  • Answers come back within seconds
  • Cloud-based or on-premise
  • Automated data integration





Client Testimonials

Jeffrey P. McFadden
CEO, Union League of Philadelphia

“… The dashboard takes all our systems and lets us analyze all aspects of member behavior. We have increased the ‘hospitality wallet spend’ of our members through daily use of our personalized dashboards.”


Sean Palmer, PGA
Liberty Hill General Manager
Union League Director of Golf

“Without it (ClubPulse™ dashboard), aggregating the right information would be tedious and nearly impossible when evaluating capital improvement ideas and how it would impact our operations, which members it would affect, or possible future markets of members based on actual information.”

Katherine Levin
Membership Director, Detroit Athletic Club

“Before we had the ClubPulse™ Dashboard, we would spend hours, days, even weeks pulling information from our database to analyze certain aspects of our business. We would make assumptions about the data and would lose credibility with our board and members because we were unable to back up our claims”.

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Who Can Use Our Product

Dozens of leading private clubs around the country use our product to monitor performance, learn how members use the club, and uncover business opportunities. Our product can help all executives, managers, and directors.

General Managers

Club General Managers use our product to get an overview of club status as well as individual areas like F&B,  Club Events, Golf, or Catering without waiting for staff to run reports for them

Membership & Marketing

Membership and Marketing Directors can use our product to send more relevant and targeted communications to members. They can also identify members who are at “risk” of quitting the club and re-engagement them

F&B and Catering

F&B and Catering Directors use data to monitor the performance of every restaurant, every menu item, find the top-selling menu items, and top spending members. They can then use that knowledge to optimize the menu, make better F&B buying decisions, and serve top members better 

Finance, Golf, Club Event, and Hotel 

Virtually all club Directors can use data to find underperforming areas, identify causes, and validate assumptions. They can also see insights that are never available before and take appropriate actions