Customer Testimonials




“Our dashboard has allowed us to pivot daily on member trends, especially last year with unparalleled changes in member behavior. It helped gather accurate financial forecasts, identify trends, and quantity that matters.  The dashboard takes all our systems and lets us analyze all aspects of member behavior.  We have increased the ‘hospitality wallet spend’ of our members through daily use of our personalized dashboards.”


Jeffrey P. McFadden
CEO, Union League of Philadelphia

“ClubPulse Dashboard for the Union League has been tremendously helpful in pulling together all data points to make informed strategic decisions. Without it, aggregating the right information would be tedious and nearly impossible when evaluating capital improvement ideas and how it would impact our operations, which members it would affect, or possible future markets of members based on actual information. Without it, we wouldn’t have been armed with the right information to grow and see the success we have enjoyed in the past 6 years.” 

Sean Palmer, PGA
Liberty Hill General Manager
Union League Director of Golf

“ClubPulse Dashboard is an extremely valuable tool that has streamlined our golf operation.  The ability to produce custom reports that link different aspects of our operation has allowed us to offer a personalized approach to our membership.  The dashboard allows our golf operation to look at how our golf courses are being utilized, traffic patterns, how different membership classifications use the Club, how golf traffic impacts other Club Operations, and what new trends are developing.  It is an amazing resource when developing new budgets and future forecasts and provides an amazing amount of factual data.” 

Ryan Fountaine, PGA
Director of Golf, Baltusrol Golf Club

“Before we had the ClubPulse Dashboard, we would spend, hours, days, even weeks pulling information from our database to analyze certain aspects of our business. We would make assumptions about the data and would lose credibility with our board and members because we were unable to back up our claims. It was frustrating because we knew the information existed, we just couldn’t extract it–until ClubPulse Dashboard was introduced. Now we can drill down to the most minute detail of every aspect of our business in a matter of seconds. It is a huge timesaver and provides us with real facts and figures that we can use to move the Club forward”

Katherine Levin
Membership Director, Detroit Athletic Club


“In just the brief time we have been using ClubPulse Dashboard, It allows the Culinary Team to see trends of our Members, the time they use the Club and where. We can track specialty items such as “Protein Bowls“ and see where they are used at what Outlet and how many are sold. I look forward to using all the parts of the Dashboard with all the members of our Culinary Leadership Team”


Timothy Rios, CEC, AAC, HGT​
Executive Chef, Saucon Valley Country Club