We help private clubs use their own data to boost business. 

For each customer, we start from pulling their data into our flagship product, ClubPulse™ Dashboard, and customize it to fit their specific needs. Club managers can use hundreds of industry best practice reports in the dashboard to learn club member usage patterns and trends, and use that knowledge to increase sales and cut cost. Of course, our support for customers does not end here. To give our customers peace of mind, we will add unlimited new reports free of charge, and provide 24/7 technical support.



ClubPulse™ Dashboard


customizations just for you


unlimited Free new reports


24/7 technical support

ClubPulse™ dashboard

  • Integrates data from all your systems (NorthStar, Jonas, ForeTees, MindBody, etc.)
  • Enables club professionals to use those data to make day-to-day and strategic decisions.
  • Can be used by General Managers, Membership&Marketing Directors, Club Event Directors, F&B Directors, and other managers
  • Every query returns results in a second

The following is one sample page out of more than 40 pages in ClubPulse™ Dashboard. Please go to our Demo page to find out more.      


Member Analysis Page of ClubPulse™ Dashboard



Dashboard Customization

  • ClubPulse™ Dashboard is customized to reflect your club’s specific needs
  • We learn your business and recommend and implement the customizations for you





unlimited Free new reports


  • Users can use ClubPulse™ Dashboard to build their own reports
  • Our consultants can step in to help at any time
  • It’s 100% on us





24/7 Support


  • We respond to support requests within 2 hours 24/7
  • Two complimentary remote trainings every year
  • Complimentary dashboard upgrades