Our Clients

We have worked more than a dozen leading private clubs in the country with annual revenue ranging from $7 Millions to $70 Millions. Our Smart Club Dashboard has been customized to fit their unique needs and challenges. For privacy reason we cannot list their names on our website. Please contact us if you need references.

A Prestigious city Club

Annual revenue: around $50M

This client would like to set up a dashboard that allows them analyze and drill into all revenue sources. The dashboard also allows them to analyze revenue by time, service provided, and member. In addition, they also want to perform demographic and spending pattern analysis on members to improve member retention.

We first conducted requirement analysis and advise the client on  the scope of the dashboard. Once it’s approved, we were able to consolidate data from various data sources, clean the data, and and get the dashboard up and running in a few of weeks.

A leading country club

Annual revenue: above $20M

The client fell in love with our dashboard at the first sales meeting and wanted it implemented as soon as possible.

We were able to learn about the client’s business, recommend reports and analysis, identify and load related data, and complete the dashboard in 3 weeks. The client no longer has to go to various places to download data, everything they need is in one place now.


An ivy-league alumni club

Annual revenue: above $40M

This client has a big data governance committee, and they are very specific about the type of analytics they want to drive club usage and reduce attrition.

We were able to work with the client to set up dashboard to track their member activity, new member enrollment, member dues payment, and member resignations. The dashboard relieves IT from constantly generating reports for business as business users can use the dashboard to extract information themselves.