Club Management Dashboard demo

You are about to see a demo of a Club Management dashboard that allows users to analyze Revenue Centers, Food & Beverage, Member Demography, Member Retention, Room Service, Athletics, and Party&Banquets. The data in the demo come from a club management system called NorthStar. The numbers in the demo are made up. 


A dashboard similar to this is being used by a real prestigious private club to manage their business.


please follow these 3 easy steps to access the demo

Step 1

Click here to go to the hosting site. Then click on “Log in” button (see screenshot on the right).

When prompted for login, enter the following credentials:

username: xanaduview
password: Public123


Step 2

After you login, click on “Lingxiang Cheng” on the bottom left.

Then click on the Club Management thumbnail.


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Step 3

The demo has 10 sheets. Start with the one that seems to be most interesting to you. 


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Still have questions on how to use the demo? Email or call 484-868-4315 for a short live demo.

Please note the above credentials are shared among all demo viewers. Your session might get interrupted if another person uses this credential during your session. Email us at if this happens and we will guide you to create your own login.