Club Members Quitting? Find Them And Engage Them Before It’s Too Late


Let’s face it. As a club executive you don’t like it when members quit the club, but it happens all the time. Wouldn’t it be great if those members could give us warning messages before they quit so that we have time to fix things? In the real world, members quitting clubs is just like couples breaking up. When someone says “I think we should see other people”, the damage usually is already done.

But wait, maybe the warning messages are there, in the data. Nowadays, private clubs track almost every move of their members when they are in the club. If we analyze the demographic and club usage data of those members who quit , we might be able to see a pattern. We could therefore identify which currently active members are likely to quit if their club usage patterns are close to those former members.

In our club management demo dashboard, we use a very straight forward pattern to identify the potential quitters. We find those members who have been paying their dues but have not used the club for over a year. These people might one day realize the dues they pay are not worth it. Once these people are identified, the membership management team should reach out to them to get them engaged again. If you are interested in more details, you can go to our demo page ( to find out more.

Usually analysis like the above one is done using a self-service Business Intelligence (BI) software tool that allows non-tech users to freely explore data across all business areas in a company. This type of tools used to be very expensive but thanks to the cloud technology they are now cheaper than your monthly cable subscription. This opens the door for small companies like private clubs to enjoy BI the same way Fortune 500 companies have for years. In fact, many have already started, maybe you should too.

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