Why Private Clubs Are Rejecting Business Intelligence?


Business Intelligence (aka BI, Reporting, Dashboarding, depends on who you talk to) has long been widely used in big corporations to improve operation efficiency and react to business challenges. However, BI has not had the same luck with private clubs. The reason? In this BI veteran’s opinion, is very simple, it’s:


Yes. Managements of private clubs understand the value of data and the vision of building data driven businesses, just like any Fortune 500 CEOs. They are simply priced out. The good news is, things are changing.

Let’s look at the biggest spending areas in setting up BI and how they have been greatly reduced in recent years.

Software. Companies used to spend tens of thousands dollars up front just to buy BI software. That’s a huge investment for small companies. Nowadays many vendors (Tableau, Qlik, MicroSoft to name a few) have cloud offering, you only need to pay as low as $10 or $20 per month.

Hardware. Once again, with cloud based solution there is no hardware cost anymore, it’s all included in the monthly fee.

Consulting. In the past couple of years BI software has evolved a lot. It’s not your grandma’s BI software anymore (sorry grandma). BI software are so powerful now it is actually faster to build BI solutions than gathering requirements. This not only cuts down consulting cost, but also makes business savvy consultants stand out.

I encourage managements of private clubs to take another look at BI now that its ROI (Return On Investment) is much higher. If you would like to see a demo, please contact us to get access to our demo site. We at LC Consulting are more than happy to help.

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